Yoga and Music Therapy offers a holistic approach to healing. All aspects of the individual are taken into consideration during a consultation session, after which an unique course of therapy is prescribed. From there, an appropriate course of action involving the healing modalities of yoga and music are followed, regularly assessing mutually agreed upon goals and objectives. Yoga and music therapy are scientific in their potential and spiritually minded and can bring healing to individuals at any stage in life.

My name is Gabrielle Hopp. I am a music therapist and yoga therapist in the Austin, TX area. I have extensive training in yoga and have completed two modules of an ongoing yoga therapy training with Ganesh Mohan of Svastha Yoga in Chennai, India. I have a Bachelor’s degree in music therapy and have worked with several populations in a variety of settings. I have a Master’s degree in musicology and have studied music from around the globe. I meditate and practice yoga daily and enjoy my own personal healing through music therapy by playing the guitar and harmonium and singing.